Batman V Superman trailer review

The much awaited and a few days ago leaked official trailer of Batman V Superman is officially out and now we can finally speak out our minds out loud about it. The online leak had been a setback, but nonetheless has proven to be non-fatal to Warner Bros.

The fans have watched the better version of the trailer with as much enthusiasm as they must have had when the leak was revealed. Warner Bros. didn’t get disheartened and continued to release the trailer anyway.

Now, keeping aside the past of hows and whats, let’s begin with the trailer review. Well to suffice it in one sentence, it was amazing and can’t wait for the movie release. It indeed was a teaser as it has left us all waiting and in pain for the movie to hit the theaters next fall on 25th March, 2016.

The biggest clue we could figure out from the trailer was that why these two legendary heroes are fighting in the first place. Turns out people don’t trust Superman anymore and the power he wields after the events of Man of Steel. His works and words for humanity are being questioned and the statement that lingers the mind is, “The world is so caught up with what he can do that they have forgotten to ask what he should do.”

To prove the mistrust, there’s a statue of Superman with the phrase “False God” scrawled along its chest in blood red paint.

“Tell me, do you bleed?” Batman asks Superman. It’s raining and the sky is dark, or maybe it’s nighttime. The city looks like it’s in ruins and hasn’t seen the light of day in ages. And the trailer closes with a promise from Batman.

“You will,” he says.

The trailer has been simply amazing and director Zack Synder’s work is commendable. Waiting eagerly for the release.

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