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Gear up guys! We are here with the Basketball Arena Mod Apk, Version 1.3 7.5. This is one of the best sports game created by the Masomo gaming company. This game has millions of downloads, with most of the young generation involved in playing it. No one can ever deny the excitement of playing sports; either it is football, tennis, cricket, badminton or any other game. Basketball is one of the most prominent games played all around the globe, with millions of admirers. Watching a football match on the television is exciting but playing your own game is challenging and adventurous. You could be one of your favorite players, by enhancing your sports games. To know more about the game, check out the details below.

Details of Basketball Arena Mod Apk

Name Basketball Arena
Requirements Android 5.1 And Above
Version 1.3 7.5
Creator Masomo Gaming
Cost Free
Size 135 MB
Genre Sports

Download Here


You might have heard about various basketball leagues including the CBS, NBA, Euro league and many more. Basketball is a game that has followers all around the globe; millions of people love sports and admire their players. Similarly, this is a basketball game that can help you enhance your gaming experience, by just sitting on the couch. You can play the game at your home, without going into it. The basketball arena would be the best game, especially in the sports category. The game is very easy to install, free from all sorts of dangers. It provides you with various interesting features including new levels, unlimited money, new advertisements and various bug fixes. With the help of this game, you can unleash your basketball skills and advance your career. It helps you play in real-time with real players, unlock new characters boost your superpowers and rewards.

You do not play in a team, but, you play as a single player against another player. You have all the chance to be notorious in the game by dribbling, shooting, stealing, rebounding or anything. The game includes various superpowers, that make you unique, by which you can excel from others. Moreover even launches interesting basketball matches. Single-player does not mean that you cannot make a team, in case you want, you can make a team of four players. With the help of this APK version, you can get an upgraded character, along with a strong sense of play. Why don’t you try it yourself?

Features of Basketball Arena Mod Apk

The game comes up with various features that you can rely upon. These interesting features are only available on this APK version of the game. Let us take a closer look

  1. First of all, the game lets you play single-player mode. You need not required to make a team of various players and can play one-on-one. In the game, you have various superpowers, which can help you benefit. In addition, you can participate in basketball leagues, and win matches. This all will help you in earning rewards, trophies and uplift your school on the leaderboard. This does not mean that you cannot play in teams; you can play in a team of four players. Moreover, in the game you need to complete daily tasks, to win rewards.
  2. The game comes up with various types of courses, equipment, coaches and players. All of these are unlocked with the help of this APK version of the game.
  3. All the superpowers in the game help you enhance your skills, defeat your opposite party and increase your leadership score. There are various superpowers like three-point shots, slam dunks, ice shooting balls which can be used by players, to win the game.
  4. You can create your team; have different players and coaches to train you. You can easily select different players, your favorite characters in the game. In the case in between the game, you require switching of players, which can also be done. In a game, this version allows you to change three players only.
  5. The graphics of the game are worth experiencing. 3D graphics are entertaining and gives you the perfect feel of the game.

How to install Basketball Arena mod apk

Installing the game is not a big deal. All you need to do is follow the instructions carefully. Do not panic if the game does not download or fails. You can re-try, by downloading the link from the same source. Let’s take a closer look:-

  1. First of all, from the given link download the file
  2. In case you have a prior version of this game, uninstall it.
  3. Make sure that your device has enough space to download the game. If not, delete some of them not necessary applications
  4. Enable downloads from unknown sources, by going into privacy from the settings. This will help you download files from uncertified sources.
  5. Now process the file and install the game on your device.
  6. After the installation, you will see your game floating on your screen.
  7. Now, the game is all yours!


Here we are, with a peek at a link to the game. We hope that downloading the game was a very easy experience for you. The game is one of the best sports game ever. If you wish to enhance your skills, this seems to be the perfect opportunity. Most importantly, the game is safe and is free from all malware and viruses. It would not attack your device, keeping it secure. As it is an advanced version, it is free from technical problems and glitches. Moreover, you would not get into the technicalities once you start playing. This amazing feature of different players, various levels, unlimited money, and superpowers is all that one needs again. Are you still waiting? Go and get the game as soon as possible.

Basketball Arena Mod Apk: FAQs

1. Is the game free of cost?

Yes, the game is free of cost and you are not required to pay any amount. All you need to do is just click on the link and download the game.

2. Is the game safe?

Yes, the game is a 100%t safe and free from bugs and virus.

3. Is the game advertisement free?

Yes, as it is a modified game, it is advertisement free. You can play with all your concentration without breaking your flow.

4. Does the game provide you with unlimited money?

Yes, this version of the game provides you with unlimited money which you can spend. In the original version, you need to earn money which takes a longer period.

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