BARC scientists develop a method to desalinated 6.3 million litre water a day; PM Modi pays visit

BARC scientists made sea water drinkable using nuclear energy; PM Modi congratulates

In a breakthrough, Indian scientists at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) have found success in making sea water drinkable cheaper than all the previously discovered methods. The new method can solve the water crisis faced by several Indian states including Maharashtra.

Researchers developed a waters desalination plant in Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu. BARC scientists took the help of nuclear energy to desalinate the water. According to scientists, waste steam was fed into the nuclear reactor that removed salt from the water and made it fit for drinking purposes.

Reports suggest that desalinated water tastes equally good as the fresh water and has TDS less than 100. People at the Kudankulam plant are using the processed water for drinking and other purposes.

While explaining, KN Vyas, Director of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre said it is not the first time that BARC scientists have come up to fight against the problem of water shortage. In addition, such water treatment plants have been installed in other states as well including Punjab, West Bengal and Rajasthan.

“Besides, BARC has developed several membranes, by which, at a very small cost, groundwater contaminated by uranium or arsenic can be purified and make fit for drinking,” Dr Vyas said.

Evaluating the significance of the feat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the site himself and congratulated the scientists to boost their confidence. There, he also pedalled a bicycle attached to water purifier which turns dirty contaminated water into potable water. Pedalling a bicycle produces energy which is needed for purifier to function.

Moreover, researcher at the BARC have also developed several low-cost thin membranes for household use to purify water.

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    • You can’t patent something that has already been done a decade ago, and has been patented in many forms.

    • 6.3 million litres a day is not a very big quantity; the requirement of water for any metro city in India is at least 1500 million litres a day.
      That said, it is still a good step as waste heat is being utilised.

  • We should also give second try to skybus metro(kokan railway developed this technology) as it is cheaper to construct and requires less land

  • This technology should be licensed to all who want to use it to desalinate water and remove arsenic from ground water especially in W Bengal.

    • This is from 2005. Remove spaces from the link to view.

      https ://www .researchgate .net/profile/Mercedes_Campderros/publication/244143596_Effect_of_operating_conditions_in_removal_of_arsenic_from_water_by_nanofiltration_membrane/links/542295ef0cf238c6ea68ded6 .pdf

      • I was unable to access the paper even after trying various combinations of search.
        It may not be an (original) innovation, but maybe some refinement in using nanofilters, change in operating conditions etc; many improvements in a known technology are incremental and rarely revolutionary.

        However, my point is that this technology, if cheaper than the existing methods and more suitable for rural India, should be made available widely so that arsenic from ground water can be removed in all areas affected with arsenic in groundwater.

        Use of waste heat for desalination of water (perhaps by distillation) has been tried in pilot plants.

        • Remove the following space: after https, after www, after researchgate, and just before .pdf.

          Frankly, the article(and BARC) talks about a “new method”. There is nothing new in the method. The only possible difference I can see is that maybe they have a different membrane(although there are existing membranes which can remove arsenic and other toxins), but they only mention that as secondary to the “new method”. Also, the article is wrong in stating that “According to scientists, waste steam was fed into the nuclear reactor”. No, waste steam is not fed into a nuclear reactor for desalination. The heat from the waste steam is utilized to warm up the seawater in the desalination process. Lastly, using waste heat from a nuclear reactor is fine for locations nearby, but it doesn’t work, for example, to supply desalinated water to Kolkata, which does not have a nuclear plant nearby, or Delhi or Rajasthan, which do not have access to seawater(near the nuclear plants).

          I have no problems whatsoever with using this wherever possible. My quarrel is with the claim that a new technology has been developed, which is untrue. The people should not be lied to.

        • innovative comments! by an idiot supreme!

          Afterall nature desalinates the sea and dumps water on land!

          when aapturds get into discussion their bile is visible! what innovation! instead of understanding the fact that cost is low, they innovatively show their green gills and foul bile!

          Bilious flaming is the innovation of Vivek!

          India produces desalinated water cheaper than any published yet, and there is no innovation! after all water exists sine the beginning of the universe!

          But when some one else, outside India does, it hey are innovating!

          AAPturds are truly the human waste left behind by a green monsters behind!

          • And your evidence for the claim that “India produces desalinated water cheaper than any published yet” is????

            Of course, the fact that this article is not about cost-reduction, but about an alleged technological breakthrough probably hasn’t occurred to you. As a supposed “AAPturd”, may I bring to your notice a paper published at the University of Texas in 2004, titled “SOLAR AND WASTE HEAT DESALINATION BY MEMBRANE DISTILLATION”, which is exactly what BARC has “invented” in 2015? No doubt, those sly Americans used Vedic time-travel methods to travel forward to 2015, steal BARC’s original research, go back to 2004 and publish it as their own, just like they stole atomic technology from the Vedas.

            No, I agree many Indian innovations in the recent past have been truly groundbreaking: best-quality petrol from water(certified by IIT, no less), yoga cancer cure, antiseptic from cow urine, toothpaste from cow dung, world peace through mass chanting, the list is -potentially- endless. As patriotic Indians, we should never apply logic or ask for proof of patriotic achievements, especially when we now have a Supreme Leader Kim Jong Modi.

          • You have a pathological hatred of Modi, which twists your world view to see things are *YOU* determine it, not the truth as it exists, hence all that was needed was a paragraph at the end that Modi congratulated the scientists to bad mouth everything that was stated. You have a real problem: of not being able to see the world as it exists, but as your twisted mind *WANTS* to see it: only with blinkers on.

            So, some Texas university published something. So have so many universities and research groups. That does not stop innovation from being done and if someone does it at the cheapest price, it is innovation regardless of whether your pathological hatred lets you grant the success to people you despise.

            Your pathological hatred will only make your head blow-up, which by the way would be a good thing for the rest of us Indians.

            Now go back to your hole in the ground and digest the venom you have created and throw it out before it consumes and destroys you.

            People like you whether AAPturd or CONgturd are the real analogues of Kim Jong, as you believe that ONLY you have the right to decide who is elected, the elections be damned!

            So, if you are a CONgturd, the fake-Gandhis have the right to rule even if they lose elections, and steal from my motherland as that is their birthright!

            If you are an AAPturd, then elections do not matter: the great Jhootbolwal’s lies are the truth in the most Geobbelsian manner: repeat a thousand times and even curse the judge if the judge rules against the great Liar!

            Whatever “turd” you are, you are the detritus of the worst kind of Kim-Jongery and Geobblesian lies that can exist

          • The hallmark of a true saffron bhakt is the complete inability to accept facts and logic. You have neither rebutted my facts, nor supported your claims, and have made no attempt to do so, substituting ad hominem and abuse for factual response. Congratulations! You have made it to Level 10 of the bhakt scale!

          • And the AAPturdness of yourself is such that you cannot see anything good even in Mother India, if it means Modi is around to hear it and will pat the citizens and scientists.

            please take you bile somewhere else, viz. the toilet.

          • You keep resorting to ad hominem attacks, rather than countering me with facts and logic. Tell me, is the BARC development anything new? Can you provide evidence for *your* claim(since there is nothing in the news to corroborate that) that this is a cheaper method? If you can show both, I will willingly admit that I was wrong, and that the UT project of 2004 was a theft of Indian IP from 2016.

            Bilious attacks on me do not give you any credibility.

    • You wish that democracy means an AAPturd or CONgturd remains PM. ‘sorry idiots, Modi is an elected PM, please get some cooling gel and spread on you burning bu-tthole.

      • brother. what if you have taken it positively. Re read it. It is said by a Modi bhakt. There is no sarcasm.

  • Desalination process exists for the past 5 decades. The entire middle east drinking water supply is based upon this technology where they use natural gas and is accompanied by a power generating unit. Here since BARC has lots of waste heat which they cannot use, but are simply cooling it wasting energy, they have just tried to run a desal process with it. I do not see what is the innovation here!

    • Middle east has this technology but it is not feasible for the same process in India because to produce a gallon of drinking water, they burn twice or more quantity of oil. Check your facts and read about the process in the middle east before talking. Learn to appreciate our scientists hard work.

      • desal process is similar everywhere. It is the combined cycle that changes and makes is economical or not. read the news again carefully – it still is using heat energy and not pure membrane technology to treat it as RO

    • Reqd carefully: BARC scientists have found success in making sea water drinkable cheaper than all the previously discovered methods.

  • I request Coca Cola and Pepsi to relocate their plants near the sea. I also request all the paper mills to do so. They consume heavy underground water

  • now aaptards will be burning with frustration and wanting this to fail….just because Modi approved

  • It is wonderful that desalination has been invented for the first time in presence of Modi Ji by BARC scientists. A revolutionary change is about to begin. Achche din aagayen. Sub log kush hai. Hindustan economy is poised to overtake China.

  • Real breakthrough.. and let me tell you it is only our scientists achievement and has nothing to do with government

    • But govt. will have to play an equally imp role now onwards to fund the actual installation of these inventions. 100% credit to Scientists but Modi’s visit will give them assurance and they will feel an appreciation for their hard work. Don’t you think so? Almost everything has something to do with govt. of the day my friend.

      • Ya what about that, I think Modi said nothing about funding the idea or taking it forward. The govt will have to play imp role, but all they do is keep discouraging it saying its not yet feasible or its too risky till scientists loose their patience and give up.

        • I am sorry I tried to wake up someone who was pretending to asleep. Continue pretending even after so many positive works and yes blame modi for everything including your constipation. Bye!

  • seshadri Iyengar has really given a good idea. All the water guzzlers like coke pepsi &others should compulsorily be shifted to the seaside & should have their own desalination plants. It is really outrageous that life giving water is gven at throwaway prices to epsi & others. At dharwad 4 lakh litres of driinking water is given away to Pepsi at subsidised rates whereas the common man is struggling to get enough drinking water that too at inflated rates. A movement should be started throughout the country against such wanton waste of water

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