Badlapur Movie Review: Varun at his best performance

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Varun’s Badlapur has hit the theatres today and has seen a satisfied audience leaving the cinemas. Sriram Raghavan’s latest directed film is a mix bag of violence and revenge with a tinge of dark humor. It has lived up to the motto of “Revenge is a dish, best served cold” since it took the hero 15 years to get started on his revenge.

The film stars Varun Dhawan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Huma Qureshi and Yami Gautam. Its plot is about a man, Raghu, who lost his wife and son in a robbery that went horribly wrong and vows to avenge them. He knows the killer and the only way through him is a prostitute played by Huma Qureshi. Still, he waits for 15 long years, before striking the iron.

What worked for the film was that the acting of every single actor was astounding. The story made a grip from the beginning till the end and violence didn’t come anywhere and everywhere, but at places when a person would least expect it. The audience was stuck in their chairs throughout the film for the fear of missing out on even a single scene. The film was fast paced and did us, the audience, justice.

What didn’t work for the film was that the film maintained a dark tempo throughout the film, but didn’t quite have what it required for it to be a thriller. The revenge wasn’t as passionate as it was expected and Varun did lack in showing his aggression. Even the ending with a moral lesson didn’t work quite well either, we mean, who goes to watch revenge-y movies to get lectures about how revenge is not a good thing. We, Indian audience wish to see pure, unadulterated hatred and lust for blood, which we were denied.

The film all in all is a must watch and it showcases how our Bollywood industry’s quality is increasing by the movie. We’d say if you are into watching flicks of a lifetime, better go and grab a ticket or two.


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