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Recently Punjab’s demand for a special financial package was turned down by the Union Minister of state for Finance. However, the chief Minister Parkash Badal was heedful while conveying his resentment for the same.

The plea for special financial package was shunned by terming Punjab as a prosperous state Badal h, however, said that Sinha is wrong is tagging Punjab as such. But Sinha is an individual in the government and should not be understood as the entire centre.

Escaping from questions of Media, Chief Minister said that only negative aspects get highlighted in media. He added that that Punjab got in first year of NDA would not be given attention but what was turned down is being highlighted.

Though he has been refused by the Modi government but when asked to each to the refusal, Badal was quick to blame the gone congress government for the same According to him it was the previous UPA government is to be criticized for emptying the government coffers before leaving.

He also showed consideration for centre by stating that he understands the fact that even the centre has to pay heed to various aspects before allotting assistances to states. Centre cannot be seen as a mere note printing machine, he added.
However, he has urged the centre to pay attention to their demand because he believes that it is their right. According to Badal they are not asking for any concession but for the dispensation of justice by providing economic assistance and it is the duty of Centre to do so.

But he also cleared that the Punjab government would not ask PM Narendra Modi for the financial assistance during his trip to Anandpur on June 19. Badal said that Modi is coming as a guest to Punjab and they would not demand anything from the guests

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