Baba Ramdev suggests ayurvedic products to fight with Dengue

On seeing the national capital New Delhi in grip of Dengue, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev said on Friday that people should rely on ayurvedic products to prevent themselves from the vector-borne disease. He further advocated that ayurvedic medicines can help in restoring the platelet count at a much faster rate when compared to their allopathic counterparts.

While speaking at a conference on deteriorating condition of capital due to dengue, Ramdev said that ayurvedic herbs like giloy, aloe vera, papaya leaves and pomegranate help in increasing platelet counts rapidly. In addition, these medicinal herbs increases overall immunity of the body. However, in case of unavailability one should not worry as cow milk and goat milk that are easily available can be used as an alternative.

Some raised the spectre of doubt on Ramdev’s remark. However, Ramdev’s suggestion was supported by Srilankan doctor, who claims that the juice of young papaya leaves can be used to treat dengue. According to Dr Sanath Hettige papaya leaves contain enzymes named chymopapain and papain that help in restoring platelet count and also repair the damage done by the dengue to liver apart from helping blood clot normally. Hettige had published his study in the Sri Lankan Journal of Family Physicians back in 2008.

Ramdev’s remark at the crunch moment faced heavy criticism as many believe that it is a marketing stunt by the yoga guru to promote his product. Some said that if Baba Ramdev was so serious on public health issue then he must have suggested ayurvedic methods long ago when Dengue was at beginning stages not now.

Denying the allegations Baba Ramdev said, “Did I for once take the name of any product? I was merely endorsing natural remedies.”

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