Be aware of Fake Pokemon GO Apps Infiltrating Google Play Store: Report

Pokemon Go Launch In 200 Markets Suspects To Happen Soon

When the craze of gamers for newly launched game Pokemon Go is at its peak all over the world, the individuals with vindictive expectation have not lagged behind to collect best benefits from it. With the growing popularity, the game is also becoming a jumbo platform for ill-minded people doing their best to benefit as much as possible. According to recent ESET report, a malicious gaming application has been found on the Google Play Store, claiming itself as the official source of “Pokemon Go,” while the game yet hasn’t released in India. The malicious app called Pokémon GO Ultimate which is introduced as ‘PI Network’ on your Play Store.

Though the app has only released in three nations, the whole world seems to get it on their phones. When individuals from countries are trying their best to get this game on their hand, it is not authoritatively propelled yet.

Detailed facts about this horrid app

Though the game “Pokemon Go’ yet has not launched in India, yet Google Play Store seem to have this on its gaming platform, which is actually a trick. When you go for downloading the app from the Play Store, instead of installing Pokemon Go, it will be introduced as “PI Network”.

While trying to run on mobile, this app makes the phone completely hanged, making them reboot the device, by removing the battery. Though after restarting the phone, “IP Network” will find disappeared from the phone, in fact it will be kept on running in the background of the device, creating a concealed platform for click-generating fake advertisements.

If you have downloaded the app and wanted to delete it, you need to go the setting of the device and then Application Manager> PI Network and uninstall it. This can only be done by manually. No other options are found to remove this malware app from phones.

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