Avoid from the health hazardous tobacco, Here’s Why

India accounts 74% smokeless tobacco consumers in the world: study

After the research done by the Renters, it is shown that the government should have to put precautionary measures on the cigarette packs. This helps to cut the consumption of tobacco.

The panel which controls the manufacturing and the use of tobacco sends a list of thirty two questions to the federal ministry in October. One of the member from the panel was the owner of the tobacco business.

As the several ingredients in the tobacco is the cause of cancer. The panel has been criticized by the federal ministry and was asked about the ingredients of the tobacco which causes cancer.

It was the world’s second largest tobacco producer. It causes about 900,000 deaths in India and this use has to be minimized.

In the view of one of the federal health official, they are of the view that the question that must arise is: ‘’Almost identical to objections raised by the industry.’’

A member of the Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control, ShaileshVaite, used to say that ‘’The panel is playing into the tobacco industry’s ploy.’’ He was from the group of more than three hundred fifty global organizations.

Panel chairman Dilip Gandhi refuses to answer the list of questions sent to the health ministry and used to say that it has to publish a long report on its findings with in 45 days.

ShyamaCharan Gupta is a panel member and runs a tobacco company. He used to say that he has recused himself from the issue of tobacco warning.

The Tobacco Institute of India (TII) – which represents hundreds of local manufacturers in India’s $6 billion cigarette market as well as bigger firms such as ITC Ltd, part-owned by British American Tobacco Plc – said it held talks with the parliamentary panel in July.

Syed Mahmood Ahmad is the director of Tobacco Institute of India and he used to say that: ‘’Regulatory impositions adversely impact the livelihood of farmers, the legal cigarette business.’’

ITC decline to comment because he used to say that tobacco packaging warnings are unreasonable and impartial.

The health ministry says that in October 2014, the 85% of the cigarette tobacco packs must have health warnings. After the long discussion the long move has been challenged in courts.

It is concluded that the tobacco contains harmful chemicals and it contains more than 7000 harmful chemicals such as carcinogens. It also contains nicotine, tar and radioactive components. It is injurious to health and causes health hazard diseases.

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