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Peter Greste is an Australian Journalist who worked for Doha-based Al-Jazeera channel was sent to prison along with two of his colleagues in December 2013 under the accusation that they defamed Egypt and helped the Muslim Brotherhood organization.

He had been imprisoned in the Egyptian jail for around about 400 days after which he won his freedom. He had two colleagues also who shared the prison sentence with him- Egyptian national Baher Mohammed and Egyptian-Canadian Mohammed Fahmy. Their fates are yet to be decided while they wait in prison for their release.

The family of Peter Greste have been on cloud nine after hearing the good news of his release. But when Peter was asked about him finally being able to meet his family, he said that he’s eager to meet them but it’s going to take him a while before returning to normal, hence he will be maintaining some distance from his family so that they are not scarred by the horrors that he has undergone.

Peter Greste and Mohamed Fahmy were given seven years of prison time and Baher Mohamed 10 years of prison time. Peter Greste has also said that he hasn’t forgotten that his two colleagues are still in jail and he won’t rest till he has gained their freedom as well.

Peter has been commended on spending the prison time with great dignity and integrity. He did not lose hope and kept himself together in the hostile atmosphere of jail where they were treated as some goons who had committed heinous sins.

Peter has earned his freedom but he still needs to recover from the past and the past he suffered even though he was innocent, was at the hands of law. But Peter has finally won his case and now will fight for his colleagues for even their families await their arrival.

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