Asus new ZenBook Pro comes with a screenpad rather than the traditional touchpad

The ZenBook Pro is currently the new game changer in the range of premium laptops of Asus. This Asus laptop has created a new hype due to an all-new attribute it has been incorporated with. The new ZenBook Pro has a new feature that has replaced the usual touchpad of the laptop. This feature is a screenpad of the size of a smartphone. No modifications in the physical keys have been seen, however.

The screenpad of the laptop is placed exactly at the same position where the touchpad is usually placed and it works in a similar manner like that of the touchpad. According to the company, this screenpad of the ZenBook Pro is “the world’s first smart touchpad” that functions like a multi-purpose touch-enabled display. It probably is a kind of smartphone that works in collaboration with the users’ Windows PC.

The ZenBook Pro screenpad measures around 5.5 inches and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Apart from increasing the main display of the ZenBook Pro, the screenpad could as well be transformed into a calculator, app launcher, numeric keypad, or calendar. The screenpad also has the ability to play YouTube videos through a Google Chrome extension. The screenpad physically has a matte finish, thereby reducing glare and making it smooth for the fingers to touch

With the ZenBook Pro screenpad, Asus offers access to the shortcuts of PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. For this, the company has reportedly developed the “Office integrations” by working with Microsoft. The screenpad can also be used as a video and music playback controller. The company has said that the screenpad would also support the Spotify controls.

Besides the screenpad, the new ZenBook Pro has given many other reasons for Asus to be proud of it. This new 15.6 inches model of the ZenBook Pro has a touchscreen resolution of 4K and bezels, which are so thin that make it appear more like the 14 inches laptop.

The company has built a nice audio system in the ZenBook Pro, which generates rich loud sound that eliminates the tinniness found often in the conventional laptop speakers. The improvement in the speaker that Asus has made in its ZenBook Pro is exceptional and remarkable.

The Asus ZenBook Pro was unveiled at the Computex 2018.

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