Asus and Huawei to offer VR and AR headset compatible smartphones

Asus and Huawei to offer VR and AR headset compatible smartphones

With Chinese manufacturer Huawei Technologies and Taiwanese manufacturer AsusTek Computer, Google is all set to pull up socks for its push into Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) fields.

In a process of giving the digital viewing a touch of reality, Huawei technologies said that it will soon launch two android phones into the market that will be compatible with Daydream View.

Similarly, Asus will be the first among all android phones to support both Daydream and Tango software for AR. With this Erik Hermanson, Asus’s head of marketing for mobile products is optimistic on attracting more consumers’ attention towards Asus smartphones.

But experts view are not that much parallel with Erik Hermanson, as according to them the current market is not carrying that much potential to foster the virtual reality business. Still, most app developers have not come up with apps that use this platform. Amit Singh, vice president for VR at Google also nodded upon the same and told that Google is really expecting the app developers to use the platform for which it is meant for.

VR application is nothing but a headset along with some other accessories. The headset is enough to put you inside half reality. Hardware is programmed to give you a llife-size3D environment. The auto moving lens present between the screen and eyes will change the position of the screen, according to the movement of your head.

Through Google VR application, one can experience the virtual reality of many beautiful places on earth by moving around them in a 360-degree view pattern. The size of cardboard is very small and easy to use. Though this technology has not got its perfect touch yet from the makers but with its each version, it is moving the experience of viewers towards reality.

It is also popular among viewers as it can give videos available on YouTube, its virtual touch. As there are plenty of contents available on Youtube, they are not going to run out anytime soon.

Google VR is able to make its special space among users due to its immense feature of letting them play games, watch movies and viewing other beautiful places on earth on the reality basis. The scene in front of you will change according to the movement of your eyes.

In coming days, more news can heat the internet from Google on its plan to work with World’s most secretive start-up, Magic Leap to foster the cinematic touch of AR application.

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