Asteroid passes by Earth and it may happen again in future; say scientists

2012 TC4

Many facts have been revealed regarding the Earth’s doomsday. Some researchers and scientists have been warned people that something strange will is going to happen with Earth. It seems that all those predictions and information were going to be proved as true. Adding more information to it, the scientists have detected an asteroid that passed by Earth recently. The asteroid cross earth from a distance of 27,000 miles. Some scientists said that it was very close. The asteroid named as 2012 TC4 and in size, it is around 300-100 feet.

After this incident, some expert has given their opinion in this and said that in future the same thing might have happened, and the asteroid will again come near earth in 2079. In this year it may hit the planet Earth. The scientists also said that 2012 TC4 would come very close to earth in the year 2019 and 2050. In 2019 and 2050 the asteroid may not hit the earth, but in 2079 the asteroid may smash into Earth.

A mission analyst of the European Space Agency, Rudiger John informed that in 2050 the asteroid would not hit Earth but if the asteroid’s direction changes, then in 2079 it may hit the Earth. The probability of an impact after 62 years is estimated to be about 1 in 750.

However, NASA is now conducting more investigation on 2012 TC4 to evaluate the efficiency of Earth’s warning network which helps in detecting incoming space rocks. Michael Kelly, program scientists, termed this as very close.

Scientists have been observing the asteroid for a long time. They knew that it would not hit Earth, so they picked up this asteroid. The observation work is carried out by using some Major telescope located in Hawaii and Arizona. Last month Hurricane Maria destroyed Arecibo observatory of Puerto Rico. So it could not take part in this research work.

The 2012 TC4 was detected in 2012. The scientists have used the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS). It was located in Hawaii. After observing the data, the scientists predicted that 2012 TC4 would again come back in 2017.  In July 2012, it was again discovered by the European Space Agency and the European Southern Observatory with the help of a high power telescope. The aperture of that telescope is 8 meter. After that, the scientists have been tracing various asteroid. Meanwhile, NASA informed that in coming 100 years no asteroid would hit the earth.

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