Asteroid 2018 CB will flyby Earth at one-fifth the distance of moon on this Friday

Asteroid 2018 CB will flyby Earth at one-fifth the distance of moon on this Friday

Per the NASA’ Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), an asteroid bearing the size between 15 and 30 meters will make a close flyby to the Earth this Friday. The Near-Earth Object (NEO) designated with the title ‘Asteroid 2018 CB’ was first discovered in February 2018 when it was transiting through its sub-lunar orbit. Fast forward to the latest findings, the asteroid will approach at the distance of 64,000 kilometers from the Earth on Friday at 5:30 am EST (4 am Saturday IST).

NASA classifies any object which is within the distance of 4,650,000 miles from the Earth as Near-Earth Object (NEO). Therefore, NASA has designated the Asteroid 2018 CB as an NEO flying with a hypersonic speed of 5 miles per second drifting close to the Earth at a distance of 64,000 kilometers which is one-fifth of the distance from Earth to the Moon.

Paul Chodas of NASA’s JPL has stated that the asteroid 2018 CV is relatively small, however, it might be larger than the asteroid that hit Chelyabinsk in Russia five years ago in 2013. He added that the asteroid of this size generally don’t come so near the Earth and the chances of such incidences are once or twice a year. Interestingly, the asteroid 2018 CB was discovered by astronomers at the Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) which is funded by NASA. CSS is located in Arizona and had the first glance of this asteroid on February 04, 2018. The team of astronomers also discovered another asteroid titled as 2018 CC which made its way past Earth at a distance of 184,000 km from the Earth. Its size was around 15 to 30 meters and made a flyby this Tuesday.

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