Assistive Staircase with Energy-Recycling will be the next smart tool in houses

Assistive Stairs Make Going Up and Down Easier

In a bid to summon up the energy exhausted while taking contribute to climbing and down, the researcher team from Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University has made a record-creaking and revolutionizing, energy-recycling mechanical stairway which can help individuals to easily walk up and down the stairs, without wasting much energy.  As claimed by the brains behind this innovation, the energy-recycling pioneering device is a temporary and reasonable solution for patients, recuperating from any kind of surgery and unable to walk and climb stairs up and down as well as pregnant women.

The primary goal of developing the mechanical, spring-loaded and energy-recycling smart stairs is to create prosthetic shoes which will assist the individuals to lift their feet but converted into a smart staircase, where the pressure sensor-featured steps will either host or descend to help people either climbing or climbing down. As the researchers described the prototype of the smart staircase works on the basis of springs as well as a cluster of pressure sensors.

The system will be installed over existing stairways in the home, and when a person walks down the staircase, the springs will squeeze, in turn reducing the wrench on the ankle joints by almost 26%.  And when you climb the stairs, the springs will give your feet a boost by generating the stored energy, which in turn will reduce the wrench in ankles by 37 percent and will make the climb much easier.

As per the developers of this smart staircase, installing a set of this smart staircase, called “Assistive Staircase” into the home will help people with reduced mobility to conduct daily activities like climbing and down easily. People recovering from joint surgeries and even pregnant women can also be benefited from these staircases as it will help people to climb up and down with utmost ease.

As highlighted by paper, published in the journal Public Library of Science PLOS ONE over this weekend, the smart staircases are energy-efficient and reasonable price, which means they can be pretty inexpensive to purchase, install, and maintain in a home. As these stairs do not incorporate any complex equipment, the building and installation cost can go as less as $100 per step. Moreover, the stairways also use a lower amount of electricity for managing and operating the sensors and latches, and they can also be replaced with battery for more convenience.

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