The threatening streak continues, another key witness in the Asaram Bapu Rape Case, attacked by the so-called “Devotees” of the self-made god in Sajanpur District, Uttar Pradesh. This was the ninth successful attack on the witnesses of the case and still the government is “trying” to find the culprit in the case and is lacking witnesses.

Kripal Singh, a 35-year-old on his way back to his home on a motorcycle was attacked by two men, one on the bike and the other on the attached pillion. The men on pillion opened fire on Kripal and then warned him of giving any statement in the court against Bapu and then they both flew away.

Mr Singh had severe bullet injuries in his back. His condition was critical when he reached the hospital, Doctors stated.

The father of a schoolgirl who has accused the 74-year-old guru of sexually assaulting her at his ashram near Jodhpur in Rajasthan in 2013 said, “He was coming back from the market when two men shot him from the back… He is a witness in the Asaram case… They warned him that if he deposed against him, they wouldn’t leave him.”

According to the father of the 16-year-old school girl, Mr Singh has been receiving threats from some time. Mr Singh’s statement was recorded 3 months ago, but he was force to take his statement back and give no further statement.

After the sixth attack on the witness when the 74-year-old was asked if he was responsible for the attacks, he sarcastically said that he was responsible for all the attacks (Duniyaan mein sabhi hamle main hi karwata hoon).

This year in January, another witness who was a cook at the Bapu’s ashram was shot dead in Muzzafarnagar.

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