Arun Jaitley’s ‘rebels without a cause’ hammers on Censor Board and ex-members

Arun Jaitley on rebels without a cause

Recently, Arun Jaitley has lashed out on the Censor Board and some of its ex-associates in his published article ‘Rebels without a cause’.

On Saturday, Arun Jaitley disavowed former censor board members’ accusations of interfering and corrupting the organizational body and bellowed them with the title “rebels without a cause”.

Jaitley posted his article on Facebook on this Saturday afternoon, refusing all the allegations against him, posed by the central government.

“The UPA Government has politically influenced the Censor Board. In 2004, they voted out that time current Censor Board led by a proficient Film actor, Anupam Kher on the mere grounds that he was designated by the previous Government.

We didn’t wish to follow that order. It is rueful that the UPA appointees have made a political ground for routine issues.” Jaitley wrote in his article.

He also stated that Samson’s accusations were saying that the board meetings were regularly held was a “self-criticism” about her working.

He said that if the meetings were not being convoked on a regular basis, the responsibility is of those who are non-functioning and must blame themselves.

He elucidated that he had cross-checked with I&B Ministry officials who informed him that all the funding for the Censor Board returned to the Ministry were an outcome of not being spent.

He cleared the air of the issue of the movie “Messenger of God,” which became a hotspot for all the questions and triggered Samson and other members to hand in a resignation, Jaitley said that the “aggrieved producer” was in his rights to proceed to the Appeal Tribunal.

He professed that the Congress party members had, in fact, made it a political agenda for the membership of the tribunal and BJP had put to rights the wrongs.

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