Arun Jaitley affirms economic reforms unchanged with Delhi polls


Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday announced that the central government plans to attain a substantial economic growth in India has unchanged in the shadow of results of Delhi elections.

“I think the government is determined to go ahead on the path of economic reforms. We believe that the kind of reforms we have undertaken are certainly going to bring in investment, generate jobs, improve the quality of life of people and also help us in alleviating poverty levels,” Jaitley said, while speaking at the US-India Economic and Financial Partnership Dialogue.

“It’s only [economic reforms] that will give the strength to the Indian economy to being in a position to expand a large number of our poverty alleviation programmes and social schemes. Therefore, the fact that four elections have been won and one has not been won is absolutely no ground for believing that there would be any slowdown on the path on which we have undertaken,” Jaitley added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been struggling very hard to adopt a proposal for more investment and jobs in the country, however, due to insufficient majority in the upper house of the parliament, he is only stuck with the hurdles.

Reports also suggest that the Prime Minister has also lost the aura it had after registering a massive won in almost every state of India. Arvind Kejriwal’s rebel party Aam Admi Party has severely damaged the Modi’s ‘wave’, which was there in the previous Indian general elections held in 2014.

AAP may ask for BJP support to have a steady growth in the country’s capital. However, the questions are being asked if the party will look for BJP’s help or not. It is a usual phenomenon of accusing each other of being corrupt and dishonest, however, after elections it has been observed that parties do come along to support country’s growth.

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  • One Up on Free Wi – Fi ?

    AAP won Delhi Elections by offering Free Wi Fi / Water / Electricity etc
    Apparently , offering anything ” Free ” , works like a sure-fire strategy
    In the past , various political parties have managed to ride home to power by offering , free,

    * Rice
    * Mangal Sutra
    * Buffalos
    * Laptops / Tablets
    * Mixies / Bycycles…….etc

    For the forthcoming elections in Bihar , what freebies can we expect to be promised ?

    > From RJD / JDU / Congress etc :
    * Free Education / Health Care / Roti – Kapada – Makaan / Transport / LPG ..etc

    > From BJP ( only from BJP – being in power at the Centre ) :
    * Total abolition of Personal Income Tax ?

    Sure , Centre would lose revenue of ( approx ) Rs 3 lakh Crores

    But look at the Up-Side :

    * Those 8 Crore ( out of 11.5 Crore ) Bank Accounts opened under Jan Dhan Yojana , which have , currently ZERO balance , would suddenly swell with cumulative deposits of , Rs 30 lakh Crores !
    Don’t ask , where the money came from ! Just let them spend ( or invest ) to expand the economy , by boosting Purchasing Power

    * Permanent solution to prevention of future generation of Black Money !
    ( By taking away incentive to hide any income ! )

    * Elimination of ” Tax – Terrorism / Root of all corruption ”

    * Save crores of Rupees thru dismantling of Personal Income Tax department

    * Centre will not need to beg Japan / Russia / China etc to bring in dollars to invest in Mega Cities / Rail Corridors / Sagar Mala ports / Highways / Airports / Power projects .. etc

    Of course , ” Experts of Economy ” will advance dozens of reasons , why this is a crazy and impractical idea
    But then , Economy of a country is too serious a matter to be left to the Economists !
    A seemingly ” impossible ” thing gets done , simply because SOMEONE wants it done !

    Shri Jaitley :
    It is still not too late to up the AAP !

    with regards
    hemen parekh / 12 Feb 2015

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