Artisto app will convert 10 sec video into work of arts!

Artisto app will convert 10 sec video into work of arts!

Revolutionary photo editing app Prisma recently came to Android app store and became an instant hit. Seeing the trend, a new app called Artisto has hit the Google play store and it will enable you to convert videos into work of arts, a feature that is still absent on Prisma.

Russian website has created the Artisto app to filter the videos and the app is currently available for download on iOS app store and Android Google play store. People all the around the world can download the app and enjoy the famous artwork.

Just like Prisma app, Artisto also uses the neural networks to convert videos into artwork.  As of now, people can convert only a 10-second long video into works of art and for longer videos they can select 10-second part to apply the filter. The app is inspired from the works of Van Gosh and Picasso and has filters similar to their paintings.

Presently, Artisto has limited filters and UI. However, developers are working on the new filter and soon users will get them in future updates. In addition, Artisto filters can take some time to apply and sometimes they fail miserably. According to reports, the app crashes frequently but results produced are awesome.

“We decided to play with neural networks, which have become increasingly popular, and ventured to create a video-editing app,” said Anna Artamonova, VP. “Well, here it comes. It took us 8 days to develop this app,” added Artamonova.

The photo editing app Prisma was first launched for the iOS and withing weeks of launch it crossed a million of downloads. It has been nearly a month since Prisma became available to Android users and it has seen more than a million downloads already. Artisto has the potential to compete with Prisma but it needs to add more filters and stop frequent crashing.

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