Arthritis patients can lose weight with these simple exercises

Arthritis patients can lose weight with theses simple exercises

Weight loss is the process which requires a lot of patience and determination, and it gets tough if you are struggling with a physical health issue. Just like in a case where people who are suffering from arthritis find it super difficult to shed some kilos.

Meanwhile, Arthritis which is also known as joint inflammation. The symptoms of the disorder are joint stiffness, pain, swelling, redness, warmth and reduced scale of motion. Overall such condition decreases our devotion to the weight loss as the body does not support us to perform some specific exercises which are beneficial in cutting excess fat.

So if you have arthritis and also obese then it is a task for you to lose weight but all you need to stay motivated and determined towards your goal to achieve it. Once you decided that you want that dream body at any cost, then even physical health issues cannot stop you from accomplishing it.

Moreover, do not think that you are suffering from the physical disorder so you can’t do some of the exercises. Since it can be hard to perform even the simplest exercises due to joint pains. You can train your body with these simple exercises.

Armchair Arm Work

Sit on a chair and hold weights at your sides, keep your palms facing higher. Then bend your elbows while bringing your hands up. Make sure to keep your arms by your side after that lower your hands gently. Repeat the process.


Take an exercise belt across your shoulder blades and rest your arms at your sides with bent elbows. Now raise one arm out while straightening your elbow and twisting the palm downward. After that rest the arm and repeat the same process with another arm in boxing movement.

Horizontal Arm Pull

Grasp an exercise band and extend arms forward with palms down. Now, squeeze the shoulder blades together while pulling your arms out to the side. After that return to the initial position slowly and repeat the process.

These three exercises can be performed by the arthritis patients easily as it tones the upper and lower body. This workout strengthens the bicep muscles, upper back and shoulder and triceps. Furthermore, don’t exercise when your joints are painful. Go slow with the exercises and keep some patience to see the difference.

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