Around 65 lives end because of the drug abuse in Mizoram

Around 65 lives end because of the drug abuse in Mizoram

Drug abuse is taking over the Mizoram’s population as approximately 65 people died last year from the use of specific substance previous year including 12 women. This data is revealed by the state’s Excise and Narcotics department. In those 65 people, 28 of them died because of the heroin overdose and rested died because of other drugs.

The state has formed the anti-narcotics squad of Excise and Narcotics department to catch such people who spread drug abuse. Also, the team has arrested three people too and caught above 11 lakh pseudoephedrine tablets from their possession yesterday night with a joint operation of the anti-drug squad and department officials. The department further reported that those three people are arrested under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985. These tablets weigh 123 kilograms and worth of Rs 44.28 lakh, according to the report.

One person has died in January’s first week. In fact, the state has recorded the maximum deaths which are 143 in the year of 2004. The department also showed that from 1984, around 1468 people had died because of the drug overuse. Throughout the different raids, the department managed to catch 392 kilograms of ganja (cannabis) and destroyed 4,127 ganja plants. Meanwhile, during 2017 raids, the administration has already seized 1,59,471 tablets of Pseudo-ephedrine, 6.035 kilograms of heroin and 13,400 Methamphetamine tablets.

While observing the data, drug abuse has become a major problem in Mizoram. The government is trying to spread the awareness by introducing surveys and polls. This bad influence is common in males and females. The survey records that it had been carried on 2633 persons represented that 10 percent were females, 80 percent were males, and 1 percent were transgender. The survey concluded the average age of the use, and it was 28, though people start using at the age of 12; this was a shock for the concerned authorities. These results just increased the importance of awareness. It shows that the state is in real need to stop the deaths and make the lives drug free.

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