ARM Holdings unveils power efficient Cortex-A72 chip

ARM Cortex A72 tecake

British microchip designer, ARM Holdings, has unveiled a new processor with improved performance and graphics for enhanced and rich experience on mobile and handheld devices. This new processor is fast and battery efficient at the same time.

The release of ARM Cortex-A72 comes as a blessing to the struggling mobile industry. According to the company, the new Cortex A-72 processor takes nearly 75% less energy and keeps the heat emission beneath the bar. It is the one that offers 3.5 times the performance of older 32-bit Cortex-A15 line of processors.

However, there is no comparison data available for Cortex A57 processor, but the reports suggest that A-72 is still 1.9 times faster than it. Like the Cortex-A57, the A72 can also be used in big.LITTLE designs, with Cortex-A53 core hanging on the side. ARM stated that this configuration can save unto 50% battery in the mobile devices.

According to the ARM Holdings, the new Cortex-A72 is capable of computing intense processes on the device. Earlier what was calculated on the cloud, including voice recognition, can now be easily handled on the device itself, and all this with 75 percent energy reduction. This will also enable the applications to work fast and efficiently.

However, what’s been of importance to the suppliers is whether the company will be able to keep the royalty for these processors at a price that suits the Asian markets. ARM itself doesn’t manufacture the processors but takes royalty from companies including Qualcomm, Samsung and Apple Inc. It receives royalty based on the selling prices of the chips.

In the markets, including India and China, devices that are within the range of INR 10,000 to INR 20,000 are the one that sells the most, however, with increased royalty Cortex-A72 will only be limited to high-end devices, including Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone.

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