Arjun Rampal alleged for connections with gangsters

Arjun Rampal alleged for connections with gangsters tecake

Arjun Rampal has been sighted with the jailed gangster Arun Gawli at JJ Hospital where the criminal goes for his regular medical checkup. On receiving this news, JJ Police Station has written a summoning to the actor to visit the Police Station and justify his meeting.

The summon letter has been hand delivered to his house in Bandra, but there has been no response from the actor for the letter. The Police has said that they will wait for Arjun Rampal to reply in a few days, or they’ll send out another summon letter, which if ignored may result in deep trouble for the hunk of Bollywood.

The buzz going around is justifying the meet saying that Arjun is playing the role of a gangster turned politician Arun Gawli in his upcoming film ‘Daddy’. He is supposed to meet with the jailed felon to learn more about his personality, character and mannerisms so that he could play his role more realistically.

This is a very common thing among B-townies to be the case studying their characters. Kareena Kapoor studied the prostitutes of the Red Alert area by hanging out with them for a while for her movie Chameli. Kunal Khemu was also seen considering beggars and their lifestyle for his film Traffic Jam. So it might not come as a surprise that Arjun Rampal is also following in the same footsteps.

The Police said that this research excuse might be true but with a few celebrity examples like Sanjay Dutt being involved in criminal activities it is only right that they take police permission before they seek out imprisoned offenders and gangsters on their own.

Arjun Rampal hasn’t been available for comments but rest assured he might be convicted of conspiracy against the law if he isn’t careful enough as to whom he hangs out with or meets so publicly.

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