Are there people and buildings on the moon? Conspiracy theorists releases a video grab from Apollo 16 mission

Are there people and buildings on the moon? Conspiracy theorists releases a video grab from Apollo 16 mission

Yet another claim made by a conspiracy theorist has gone viral on YouTube branding the NASA’s moon landings as fake and a hoax, staged somewhere on the Earth, etc. For years ever since Neil Armstrong stepped on the lunar surface, conspiracy theorists have been claiming that all the missions were hoax and staged in a film studio somewhere on the Earth where a set resembling the lunar surface was staged to shoot the videos, however, NASA has been denying such claims and has been asserting that all those missions were genuine and they have the videos, photos and lunar samples to prove it.

That didn’t stop conspiracy theorists from making claims branding everything as staged. A new video uploaded by YouTube channel ‘UFOmania’ whose owner is an America-based conspiracy theorist has received over 21,000 hits in just a day after uploading the video showing a footage captured on Apollo 16 mission. The video shows commanding officer John Young who was a part of crewed Apollo 16 mission. It shows that while John was collecting lunar samples, a bizarre structure can be seen at a far distant behind John.

The channel quoted that this could be an alien base with few people or say aliens standing in front of it. The YouTuber tried to zoom into the picture to show the anomaly in the photo which received more than 21K in a matter of 24 hours. The same video shows various weird structure on the moon which could be the potential alien base. This is the same YouTube channel which claimed that aliens have been using the moon as the base to keep an eye on the Earth.

The comment section of the questioned video soon filled with numerous comments from users around the globe. Conspiracy theorists believe that NASA never went to the moon and instead, a set was created somewhere on the Earth that resembles the lunar surface where the footage was soon on the pretext that humans reached the moon. Soon after the video released, many comments favoring the video was uploaded. A user named Terry Denton commented that the fact that humans reached the moon was all fake propaganda. He pointed out towards the shape of the impact craters on the moon as seen in the footage stating that the impact created by craters aren’t too round and smooth as seen in the footage.

Few others joined the bandwagon with comments suggested that the moon landing pictures released by the American space agency were actually taken from Earth. Another user tagged the greatest feat achieved by humans as a hoax following the popular theory of staged moon landings. These comments were just the tip of the pie since there are numerous more comments available on the recently updated video. However, there are comments from skeptics who believe that the moon landings were genuine as well. One of the comment suggests that the object as seen in John’s picture is merely a moon rock resembling the weird shape of an alien base.

John Young, Ken Mattingly, and Charles Duke Jr were set off for an 11-day lunar mission aboard Apollo 16 on April 16, 1972, from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. It was the 10th manned mission and the 5th mission to land on the moon under the United States Apollo Space Program.

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