Aquisitition: Apple buys Gliimpse; Microsoft purchases Genee

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The trend of acquiring startups by giants established in the market is continuing, with Microsoft acquiring Silicon Valley-based artificial-intelligence-powered scheduling service, Genee; and Apple closing the deal with personal health data startup Gliimpse.

Apple Inc. has taken this step to make its business powerful and dominating in the market through the acquisition of medical startup Gliimpse on Monday. Since a couple of months, Apple is continued to invest heavy amounts in the healthcare sector with health products like HealthKit, CareKit, and ResearchKit and now it is trying to expand its reach by purchasing Gliimpse.

Glimpse is an organization that gathers and merges different threads of private health info and Apple with the help of this company will build a magical machine for perplexing electronic medical information and modifies them into comprehensible, consistent, veiled elements and vocabulary that both digital computers and humans can understand easily and use in their needs. With a widespread image of their health information, the users of Gliimpse can share their requirements and issues with their doctors or caregivers, or contribute their data to worldwide medical researchers.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has inked the deal to boost up its productivity, by obtaining AI-based scheduling service Genee which works for simplifying the development and rearrangement of large group meetings for organizations. Genee is an Artificial intelligence application that abridges the time-consuming task of scheduling meetings and by acquiring it, Microsoft is planning to boost office 365.

Genee started in 2014 by Co-founders Ben Cheung and Charles Lee with the aim to simplify the effort-taking task of scheduling and rescheduling meetings and further planned to join Microsoft for better positioning and servicing. This application is useful for the arrangement of meeting for large groups. It is also efficient when you don’t have a calendar with you.

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