Apple’s latest battery replacement program still overcharging its customers: Report

After the recent battery slowdown problems raised by Apple customers using older iPhone models, the company recently came up with a battery replacement program. The company has reduced the price of the out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacements to $29 from $79 for its iPhone 6 and the models launched after it.

Even though the Apple fans were happy with the reduced battery replacement cost, an official battery manufacturer has now reportedly said that Apple is charging its customers twice the price that Samsung charges for battery repairs. The official also claims that Apple overcharges its customers although the technology and the complexity of the process is quite same.

To compare with, the replacement cost of the Samsung Galaxy S7 old battery is 35,000 won which is roughly Rs 2,100 while for Galaxy S8 old batteries it is 40,000 won which is roughly Rs 2,400. As seen, the costs are offered by Samsung is slightly expensive than what Apple is charging its customers now even after its reduced battery replacement cost. Similarly, the repair charges for LG G6 phone or the Huawei P9 is about 29,500 won and 35,000 won respectively (roughly Rs 1,760 and Rs 2,100).

The Apple iPhone batteries are known to come with a smaller capacity than other company flagship smartphone batteries. The iPhone 7, which is the latest iPhone model under the company’s replacement program is powered by a 1,960 mAh battery while in comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is powered by a 3,000 mAh battery.

Like always, Apple has not commented anything about the cost of a battery replacement offered under the program. But with the program being underway, the Apple customer can now visit any Apple Store or log on to Apple’s support site and request to get their battery replaced at discounted price. It is not just about getting the battery replaced just because it is making the phone work slow. A replaced battery can result in speed improvements of over 100 percent.

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