Apple to sell its Watch in India starting from November 6

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After a postponing the launch for six months, Apple gadget lovers now will have a chance get their hands on one of the most awaited devices, Apple Watch. Apple India has officially revealed on the dedicated web page for the Watch that the wearable gadget will be available at the market for sale, starting from November 6. The page mentions ‘Available 6/11’ above an image of the Watch.  In addition, reports suggest that the company is planning to roll out its successor, sometime mid of next year.

The watch comes in three editions – Apple Watch, Apple Watch edition, and the Apple Watch Smart. Apart from these three editions, the watches will come in two sizes — 38 mm and 42 mm.

The company hasn’t revealed the pricing details, however, based on US prices, the range starts from the base variant at $349, which converts to Rs. 22,700, while it reaches till $17,000, roughly Rs. 11 lakh. The watch has various materials used in it such as sapphire, 18- carat gold, stainless steel, and aluminum. The release of the watch in India is after 6 months of its international launch.

The Apple Watch has various features such as fitness tracker, several customizable time faces such as animated butterflies, Chronograph, modular and jellyfish. One can do various things on this timepiece such as check emails, weather update, sunrise and sunset timing, daily activity level, etc.

The watch is powered by the special S1 chip, designed by the company itself for this product and the built-in mic, speaker. Also, the integration with Siri makes it a trademark Apple product that should not be missed.

The Cupertino giant is all set to launch another marvel in the market. The watch is the first product category is launched under Tim Cook and is not a brainchild of Steve Jobs. The world is geared up for the next Apple Watch, but India is still stuck at the first one. It is high time for Apple Inc. to progress and focus on India, as it is the second biggest smartphone market in the world.

Previously, the firm has launched the watch in several major countries including, US, France, Japan, and the UK in April, and has since seen a phased rollout in other regions.

First published on: Oct 24, 2015, 04:16 PM

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