Apple Watch replacing car keys hints rumored electric car project

With only a few days left for the Watch to arrive, Apple Inc has made claims about users to control their automobiles with it. Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook in an interview with Telegraph said that the Watch is capable enough of replacing your car keys.

The report stated that the Apple Watch will probably remove those big lock bars we see in almost every car around us. Using the wireless technologies embedded at the heart, the Watch is expected to work as a key for the compatible vehicles that are supposed to arrive in the near future.

However, what was left off at the iPhone 6 launch event was that Apple Inc didn’t shed a word about the Watch’s battery life. Tim Cook in the interview said that the very first wearable from the company wouldn’t take much time to recharge, and is expected to last for the entire day.

Apple Watch is probably going to launch during the ‘Spring Forward’ event set to happen on the March 9.

However, the statements about Apple Watch becoming your car key can be the next possible hint that the Cupertino giant is on track of manufacturing EV by the end of year 2022. CarPlay, which was introduced a few months back, and now the Apple Watch that has capabilities to replace the metallic car keys, justifies all those rumors and reports about the Cupertino giant working in a secret lab to produce electric vehicles.

CarPlay is an integration of the iOS in the car that lets you project your iPhone on the car’s dashboard. It enables you to take the call, fire up SIRI, access music, contacts and more. Technically, CarPlay converts the dashboard into a fully functional iPhone. However, there are concerns about it regarding the amount of distraction it can cause to the driver while the car is running on the roads. Currently, Apple has partnered with a few of the automobile pioneers, including Mercedes, Ford, and BMW, for the CarPlay.

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