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Less than two weeks ago, Apple has launched an iPhone 6s battery replacement program because an increasing number of users were reporting a sudden shutdown issue, without a reason. Now the Cupertino giant has launched a new tool which can help users to find whether their iPhone 6s is eligible for the program o not.

Initially, when iPhone 6s users started reporting the issue to the tech giant, the company then said that the issue only affected a fraction of iPhone 6S units. However, when increasing number of users started reporting the same issue, it came to know that the issue only affected iPhone 6s units made between September and October 2015.

The new tool verifies the device, whether it qualifies for a free battery replacement. It matches the unit’s IMEI number against Apple’s database. If an iPhone 6s user is facing the sudden shutdown issue, one can enter their device’s serial number on Apple’s updated page for the iPhone 6s repair program. This tool will show, whether this device is affected by the issue and if it is, then the page will recommend to replace the battery soon for free by visiting Apple retail store, an Apple Authorized Service Provider or contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Apple Inc. cleared that all phones stated as ‘eligible’ by the tool will not be surely eligible, for an instance, if the display of your handset is damaged and it is eligible for the free battery replacement program, then the firm recommends to fix the screen prior to the battery replacement.

The company also said that the customers who had earlier paid for replacing the battery and their iPhones are affected by the issue, then they will be refunded at the official centres. Apple says it will reimburse the repair costs if the smartphone was eligible for the free battery replacement.

Though Apple is resolving the battery issue in some iPhone 6s models but the company has yet to offer a solution for other iPhone models plagued by battery issues. As several iPhone users reported a nasty battery bug that drained their smartphone’s battery to around the 30 percent mark, but a fix for this issue has yet to become available.

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