Apple teardown: iPhone 7 Plus missed out its 3.5mm Headphone jack for bigger battery

Apple iPhone 7 teardown

It’s the week of iPhones. Only one day remains to the official opening two new iPhone editions – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Ahead of one day of formal introduction, there are much more things which everyone may not be aware of the new flagships of Apple. Each year, Apple has some undisclosed surprises and facts about the manufacturing of iPhones and this year is no different. While each year iFixit reveals the teardowns of iPhones, this year, a new video of iPhone teardown has already started surfing on the web. This demolishes of the iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus will bring some precise answers to several questions arising about both iPhones.

From the video, the appearance of iPhone 7 Plus looks like a Jet Black version. However, it is not much essential to know the color variant of iPhones for teardowns. The leaked video lengths more than 17 minutes and is giving precise specification details what it resembles to shred an iPhone 7 Plus.

One thing the video clearly shows is that the earphone jack was certainly in the way. By removing the 3.5mm headphone jack, Apple created a bigger Taptic battery module on the mobile, which is precisely much larger than the iPhone 6s Plus. The Taptic Engine module is expected to deliver the advanced 3D Touch input, along with an assorted range of vibrations, including the feedback for home button presses.

Apple iPhone 7 teardown iFixit

Apple iPhone 7 Plus’ lightning connector is noticed to be sheltered by two pentalobe screws but gets greater battery and taptic engine. The highlight with iPhone 7 Plus is the new dual-camera setup. iFixit uncovers the double camera setup featuring two separate sensors, two lenses, and two tiny connectors.

The teardown of iFixit also exposed iPhone 7 Plus to have a new image sensor which are 60% faster than the previous iPhone model.

Source: iFixit

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