Apple rumors: iOS 9, Stylus, iPad Pro, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Apple rumors: iOS 9, Stylus, iPad Pro, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Apple Inc had a hard time bringing the supplies of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the control, and the Internet is already getting filled with the rumors about the next generation iOS 9 and the iPhone duo. There have been no speculation or the design dummies for the next release of iPhone. However, reports are claiming it to be one of the best devices until now.

Starting off with rumors about the iOS 9, which will probably be introduced at the WWDC this year. The next big update in iOS will apparently bring significant changes in it to harvest more out of the memory. Apparently, the housing space required for it to breathe properly would be 1GB of RAM.

Raising the bar from 512 MB of RAM to 1GB hints about Apple Inc to put more memory in the next generation iPhones, however, that also means phasing out the old iPhone 4S. Reports suggest that the Cupertino giant will enable these devices with a blazingly fast LPDDR4 RAM (32Gbps).

There are possible chances that the company is making a smaller iPhone, or the one that is having a better grip — or the one that doesn’t bend.

Looking back at the history of iPhone and iOS releases, company tends to improve its services and the product over a definitive cycle, first the company launched iOS, and worked over it in its next big release. For example, iOS 7 brought some significant changes to the design, and iOS 8 was a tweak with few additions such as HealthKit and Apple Pay.

Another big news here is that the company is looking forward to launch new iPad Pro with 12-inch screen along with the Apple Stylus. The rumored speculation about the Stylus suggests that this new device will probably help users with the large screen iPad. However, there have been several additions to it which really counts. The Stylus has been rumored to have optical sensors to capture the real world colors and a flexible tip for varying the thickness and shape of the stylus tip.

The Stylus, except doing regular tasks, can be of a great help in the designing. If rumors to be true, designers and artists will be able to design outstanding illustrations on the iPad itself.

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