Apple is responsible for slow down issue in old iPhones

All the iPhone users who haven’t upgraded to the latest model are facing the same issue. Just before the release of iPhone 8 series, ‘iPhone slowed down’ and ‘iPhone slow’ searches fastened on Google, which hints at the problem, a large number of iPhone users started facing with their devices.

It’s been a long time, Apple has been blamed for’planned obsolescence’ and denounces for making the old iPhones less valuable. Therefore, users are forced to buy the new model. Moreover, at the recent release of iOS 11 update, alike doubt has determined according to which the update is an attempt to make older phones out-of-date.

Last year, after facing such problem, a petition organised by an online user group blamed
the company for issuing software updates to reduce the performance quality of earlier models, hence forcing users to think about purchasing the updated model.

Although, there is no evidence against Apple for obsoleting old iPhones to enhance the sale of new models. As the Harvard study doesn’t stay on that issue and such claims at all.

The study shows that it could be a psychological phenomenon as the problem only occurs just after the release of the new model. As customers used to determine by the media hype and desire of buying the updated smartphone leads to the unsatisfaction from the current handset and users starts noticing the performance lags in their phones, if there any.

The suspicion is fueled by the idea of system update as the updates are released around the launch of the new model. Consequently, users develop a thought process in which company is responsible for the slowdown in old phones and company provides the system update just to increase lag in performance. So that users have to switch to an updated version.

Hence, there is no proof of the system update blame too.  So, it is a myth that Apple slow down the old handsets with an upgrade. There is no evidence of this accuse. However, psychology can explain the aspect that why people start feeling performance issues soon after the release of the new model.

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