Apple removes 25,000 ‘Lottery’ & ‘gambling’ related apps from App Store in China

Apple removes 25,000 'Lottery' & 'gambling' related apps from App Store in China

According to a reported published by state broadcaster CCTV, Apple reportedly yanked more than 25,000 apps from its App Store in China in order to comply with the stringent policies and Chinese regulations. Bloomberg elaborated that at least 4,000 of the 25,000 apps removed from the App Store in China had the word “gambling” while there were a plethora of bogus lottery apps on the App Store as well.

The move came after a month-long ordeal from Chinese government targeting Apple that it allowed such gambling and lottery services on its platform China. When asked to an Apple spokesperson, he chose not to confirm on the number of apps being removed but he stated that Apple is against bogus gambling and lottery apps and has tried to remove many apps from its App Store in China including the developers who made the apps available and distribute it in China. He further stated that Apple will be vigilant about such a matter will take necessary actions if such apps are discovered.

Apple is being deeply criticized in China as it failed to comply with the rules and regulations formed by the Chinese government. Apple had to shut down on virtual private network services apps available on its App Stores as well as ‘The New York Times’ that was recently removed from China. VPN services help users bypass the stringent ‘Great Firewall’ of China that blocks off a huge chunk of the web.

This is a clear notation on how foreign companies have to amend their products, services, and policies to do business in China as it is a budding and ever-increasing market in the world with a population more than 1.4billion people. The search engine giant Google is also in talks with the Chinese officials to offer a Google search app based on Android OS in China that will have to comply with all the regulations imposed by the Chinese government as well as block a huge chunk of the web. This move has already caused a lot of stir in the United States where Google was the founder and is headquartered. There’s also tension between Chinese and United State’s government which can affect companies such as Apple, Google, and others.

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