Apple officially took an intrepid tread: Introduced AirPods instead of 3.5mm jack

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Yesterday Apple launched its 2016 edition of iPhones – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. But interestingly, both iPhones lacks an essential segment of iPhone trend – the 3.5mm jack! As an ample of rumors and leaks have already suggested Apple to gully its signature headphones from its upcoming flagships, it is certainly expected from Apple to ditch this 3.5mm Jack. But no official announcements are made by Apple itself about slaughtering the headphones. But now it is official!

As per the official announcement, Apple has slaughtered its revered 3.5mm earphone jack and introduced Earpods which can be attached to the lightning port. Also, if a user wants to attach a headphone or speakers with 3.5mm jack, they would have to an additional Audio jack to Lightning plug adapter.

Besides the Lightning port, Apple has also unveiled stunning AirPods instead of the headset jack. In a move that must be seen as nervy, Phil Schiller joyously sounded the passing ring of the 3.5mm jack, saying that proceeding onward requires “Courage.”

Nick Hunn, a UK-based consultant who works with manufacturers and a group defining the short-range wireless Bluetooth standard, said that this step of Apple is quite surprising and shocking.  Apple advocated the expulsion of the jack as a gallant move to dump a 100-year-old innovation and make more space on the iPhone. Instead of the headphone jack, Apple has introduced a lightning AirPods.

For the replacement of its signature earphone, Apple, for now, is launching an all-new Lightning AirPods that stroke the ramp with the launch of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Apple is also reported to bunch a set of EarPods with a Lightning adapter with every iPhone 7 packs.

However, these wireless earbuds will cost the purchasers Rs 15,000, which is kind of cool. The new AirPods look like a sliced cable and designs are quite dull. A sensor technology also included on the side of the AirPods that detects double-taps and can be used to access Siri. Apart from this, Apple also has equipped its new AirPod with a microphone system that will help users to record their voice.

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