Apple might launch cheap iPhone, not cost a fortune in India

What to expect from Apple in 2017

Apple Inc is actually searching the scope of a huge market for their future products in India. It has been heard that to achieve the firm grip over the Indian Technology market, Apple Inc is in official talks with the ministry of IT and finance department to arrange the logistics for setting up a new manufacturing market in India itself.

It is predicted that if every task goes on per schedule then Apple Inc will start its manufacturing unit by the April 2017. The final decision for setting up the logistic and manufacturing unit will take only after the assurance of officials from Commerce, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, revenue, environment and forest and Department of Electronics and Information Technology as said by the Press Trust of India.

After the death of Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. spread its manufacturing plants from Taiwan to the other places as well. Apple Inc. along with Foxconn deliberately contacted the Indian Government to set up a logistic manufacturing unit in Peenya near Bengaluru by April 2017.

Apple Inc’s iPhone 7 would normally cost around INR 55k-75k, which is almost twice or thrice the salary of a common man in India. So the thought of even buying an iPhone would haunt them. According to the Press Trust of India to minimize the cost of production, Apple Inc. is in constant talk with the Indian Government regarding taxes, other incentives and even the exemption in the duty charges for a significant or long-term basis.

The company is constantly dwelling upon the fact that it is not possible to assure the production of quality products up to the standard of the company with local outsourcing. So exemption on various grounds is a must so that the vision of company and satisfaction of customer both is well fulfilled.

A few years earlier also Apple Inc proposed for the idea of importing and selling refurbished Smartphone in India but the offer was rejected by the Ministry of Environment on the grounds of increase in generation of electronic waste in the country. So it is still uncertain whether the Government of India would approve the Apple Inc’s plea for setting up a manufacturing unit or not.

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