Apple launches macOS Sierra: Top features to explore

macOS, macOS Sierra, Apple, PC, Laptops

Apple has always maintained a forward-looking legacy for its respective devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and others. In each season, the American conglomerate never forgets to update its devices with new features and functionalities and this time is no different. After a lengthy beta version trial, Apple finally launched the full-grown version OS for its Mac laptops on Tuesday. Named as – MacOS Sierra, this is the latest Operating System of Apple’s Mac laptops. Like other Operating Systems including iOS for the iPhone and iPads, the WatchOS for the Apple Watch, and the TVOS for Apple TV, the new OS for Mac Laptop also follows the same legacy by having a similar name.

macOS Sierra is the latest software update for Mac laptops and computers, which will bring the services and functionalities of iPhone services to Apple laptops and desktops. Apart from this, Apple also generated an inbuilt iPad feature which will enable the users to watch videos and automatic free up of storage space of the laptop.

On Tuesday, Apple has announced macOS Sierra by listing it in the App Store for Mac. The new OS is available for free of cost and Mac users can easily download it by accessing through Mac’s App Store. With the release of macOS Sierra, the existing desktop OS is upgraded for the iMac and MacBook. After rename of Apple Mac’s software and Operating System from OS X, this is the first major update of the software.

macOS, macOS Sierra, Apple, PC, Laptops, iOS

What’s new with macOS Sierra?

The upgrading of the Operating System of Mac is intended to create more harmony between Mac devices and other gadgets of Apple. It is a sign that Apple is gradually merging other OS into a single mobile ecosystem and tries to highlight the increasing connectivity of the Macs and Apple devices.

macOS Sierra has come up with some significant improvements and bug fixing, which eventually makes it more useful for the advanced Mac devices. The lineup of features in macOS Sierra includes a deeper iCloud addition which will facilitate the Mac users to save storage on their device by restoring them on iCloud. It will give users an extensive option of ore storage variant and approach for saving more files on their Mac devices.

macOS,  macOS Sierra,  Apple,  PC,  Laptops, iOS

There is also another addition in macOS Sierra called ‘Apple Pay,’ which is designed to allow the users to use the mobile payment system of Apple ’their Mac gadgets. Other features include the facility of unlocking the Mac with the Apple Watch, Picture-in-Picture mode which is similar to the feature of iPads. This feature will allow the Mac users to watch videos by browsing them in popped out boxes. In addition to this, Mac users also can watch videos and browse the internet simultaneously.

An additional universal clipboard is also found in macOS Serra who will connect the Mac devices throughout all your Apple gadgets. It means, if you copied a particular text or content on your iPhone, you could easily paste it in your Macbook.

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