Apple iPhone 8 to feature OLED curved display: Report

Apple iPhone 8 to feature OLED curved display
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A recent speculation suggested that the Apple will launch iPhone 8 skipping the iPhone 7s on its 10th Anniversary. It also revealed that the smartphone will be featured with a hi-tech curved OLED display which is rated to deliver rich colours and consume lower battery levels. The sources also confirmed the same and reported that Apple Inc is working on curved OLED Display to replace the current LCD screens.

Citing a post published on The Sun, the Cupertino giant is importing stockpiling components to manufacture high-quality display. And this makes us believe that the Apple iPhone 8 will be featured with an OLED curved display. OLED pixels are self-illuminating. The report also touted that the iPhone 8 will also support wireless charging, and its camera will be capable of snapping ultra-HD photos.

While, Extreme tech reported that Samsung Electro-Mechanics, BH and Interflex are supplying OLED components and Samsung Display will use them to manufacture panels used in Apple iPhone 8. The report also suggested that the fingerprint sensor and home button of iPhone 8 will be embedded in the display itself.

Since the new iPhones will be fronted with OLED displays, then it could be assumed that they will be battery efficient. As OLED display panels are power efficient in nature and allow manufacturers to make thinner handsets, so the iPhone 8 could be further thinner than iPhone 7. These displays also offer better colours and deeper blacks.

The South Korean giant Samsung has already deploying AMOLED displays in its smartphones and Apple ill soon be catching up with the South Korean tech giant.

Analysts from Barclays Research reported that Apple Inc. is planning to adopt the all-glass design and trench the traditional bezel design for its upcoming 5-inch and 5.8-inch iPhone units. The company believes that it will make them as small as its current 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch offerings.

However, no official or trusted sources has confirmed the design for the iPhone 8, but the analysts believe that it could feature a bezel-less look with curved edges and a larger display compared with the original design. The new iPhone could move from 4.7 inches to 5 inches and its Plus version could move from 5.5 inches to 5.8 inches.

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