Apple iPhone 7 camera issue: Shows ‘Emergency iPhone needs to cool down’ while opening app

Apple iPhone 7

Since Steve Jobs introduced Apple iPhone in the market, the devices had been touting as the best camera phones. However, the 12 MP wide-angle lens and 12 MP telephoto lens of the iPhone 7 Plus shooter have failed to stick on the dignity as a recent post on Reddit suggested that the Apple iPhones are resisting to capture images or videos.

The Redditor teryakiwok said that his iPhone 7 Plus camera are dying and showing an error message which reads “Emergency iPhone needs to cool down” when he is trying to open the camera app. He also noted that his phone was not heating, though. The post was titled as “iPhone 7 Plus Camera are dying”.

In addition, some users reported an unexpected error arising on the devices, which deems the phone’s camera app to freeze and not work properly.

If you are facing the same issue you can follow these steps to fix iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus camera not working issues:

  1. Restarting
    1. You can try restarting your device to troubleshoot the issue, by pressing and holding for seven seconds the “Home” button and the “Power” button simultaneously. After you see Apple logo on the device screen your phone will switch off.
    2. Now turn it on and scroll to the camera app and check whether restarting has fixed the camera related issue. If not then roll over to the next step.
  2. Clearing cache partitions – Clearing cache partitions have worked for several users.
    1. Try clearing the cache partition. To do so, select Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. From there, select Manage Store.
    2. After this tap on an item in Documents and Data. Slide unwanted items from the field to the left, and tap Delete. To finish off, tap Edit > Delete All to remove the app’s data completely.

Some of the users had also reported total screen blackness, while in other cases, it was not black but purple, blue, or green on the display. The screen issue was reported in in early October before the release of iOS 10.2, hence, it is expected that it is not a software issue.

Valuewalk in its post cleared that the camera issues are not a software problem, but might be caused by a faulty hardware. Some of the users having the issues with their iPhones have get them fixed at official Apple service centres, while, some of them have replaced them be a new unit.

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