Apple iPhone 4s prices slashed, now available at Rs 13000, should you buy it?

For middle-class Indian people who just dream of buying an Apple iPhone due to its high prices, the Cupertino giant has slashed the prices of iPhone 4s. Now the device is available at just Rs 13,000 in the Indian market. With the price cut Apple has made it possible for middle-class people to buy an Apple phone at low price.

Although the price has been slashed, should you buy the device just because of the Apple branding or does the device really has something good to offer at its price?

Well talking of specs, the iPhone 4s 512 MB RAM with 8 GB of internal memory of which nearly 5 GB is available for users. The device has 3.5-inch screen which is very small seeing the current trend and love towards 5-inch phones. It boasts a decent camera and comes with 1432 MAH battery that is enough to juice up the device for entire day. On the software part, the device comes with iOS 7 out of the box and is upgradable to iOS 9 which will be released later this year.

Seeing the above details should you buy the Apple iPhone 4s?

Well, today the Indian market is flooded with magnificent phones at similar price that deliver awesome power with ease and are lot more smarter, faster, bigger and better in many sense than the iPhone 4s. iPhone 4s seems a bit outdated. Moreover, under 15k category is also the most competitive smartphone category today, thus you have a lot of better options to choose from.

So if you wanna buy the device just for Apple branding then yes, go ahead and grab the deal. However, if you want specs and performance then you have a lot of better options available at similar price in the market.

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