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Apple Inc. has finally launched bigger sibling of iPad, the iPad Pro after a wait of nearly five years. With the biggest Apple iPad ever, the Cupertino giant has already set the fire and lot of buzz of is going around in the tech world.

The improvement in the technology of iPad was made to replace computers and somehow, it has kept up its position between smartphone and computers. A better version and improved technology of a previous iPad, iPad Pro has kept its promise in replacing computers. It has a big screen of 12.9-inch along with a smart keyboard and is bigger than 13-inch Mac Book Air because of its screen. iPad Pro features the highest resolution retina display of any iOS device with 5.6 million pixels.

It is surprisingly light with 6.9 mm thickness, thinner than iPhone 6s Plus which is 7.1 mm thick. It’s big enough so you cannot carry it for the whole day in one hand but have an amazing battery life even after such a big screen. With cellular 4G + Wi-Fi model it weight 723g. It has A9X Processor which works with M9 Co-Processor.

The Apple iPad Pro claimed by the company to have amazing sound quality than McBook, with four speakers placed in the four corners, where, top speakers produce higher frequency, while, the lower ones produce bass notes and change dynamically with a change in orientation.

Apple also provides smart keyboard and a pencil to try out with iPad Pro. The Pencil is amazing as it might interest architectures, engineers and construction industries, once relevant apps are available with technology from shading to fine lines details. However, many apps are not optimized like Facebook. any icons could have been fitted on display and could have reduced the need of multiple screens. Also, several icons could have been fitted on display and could have reduced the need of multiple screens.

Another miss is the omission of a 3-D touch, which will work only with accessories and with both the hand busy, it will be like breaking your fingers to go to another screen or menu. Though it has a fantastic size to weight ratio and display, it has made no compromise on price also. With 32GB storage and Wi-Fi connectivity, it costs Rs. 67,900, while the 128GB and Wi-Fi variant is priced at Rs. 79,900 and with the facility of (28GB storage and Wi-Fi+4G cellular, the tablet is priced at Rs. 91, 900. Meanwhile, the accessories like smart keyboard and pencil would drill the consumers’ pockets up to Rs. is 14, 900 and Rs. 8,600. respectively.

The iPad Pro flaunts an amazing display, as it delivers unbeatable video watching experience, or playing games, which suggest that it is not just aimed at corporate people but for entertainment purposes as well!

When we include pencil, the iPad Pro is far more useful and it remains to be seen in future, whether it will replace notebook or not, but what comes to my mind is:

“Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right.” – Steve Jobs

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