Apple invests worth $200 Million in AI called ‘Turi’

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The world of Smartphone is transforming each day with high-end technology and innovations, and presently the world is dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). As the race of Artificial Intelligence warms up gradually, the leading tech giant Apple is reported to invest a whopping amount of $200 Million for acquiring AI startup.

As per the official source, this acquisition is aimed at building up its own apparatuses to contend with Facebook, Google, and Amazon. As the recent announcement made by Apple via Geekwire, the company just acquired artificial intelligence startup Turi at a monstrous worth of $200 million. And no doubt, this attainment indicates that Apple is gearing up to fight with Google, Facebook, and Amazon in the field of AI startup.

As per the official source from Apple, the company always used to invest in small businesses and never disclose mush info about this. But this time, the tech monster has strengthened its brand portfolio by investing $200 Million in Turi for gaining AR start up.

Turi works primarily on creating AI arrangements, and startup makes calculations and helps different engineers insert machine learning capacities into their applications. With the base of 100 paying clients, Turi additionally has a few developer devices that help fabricate AI arrangements. However, there is no information received about which tool or team Apple acquired in this deal.

This deal comes as no surprise as the CEO of Apple Tim Cook previously had discussed the transformation of Apple to latest tech models like Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. And there are high possibilities of Apple altering the start-up technology as its market rivals like Facebook, Google, and Amazon has already done it. However, the noticeable thing is that this is not the first-ever AI-based purchase of Apple as it has previously purchased Perceptio and VocalIQ.

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