Apple Inc years away from $1 trillion stock market value

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Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) will take few more years to become world’s first country to have assets worth US $1 trillion, says reports. A few of the Wall St. experts believe that the company has already reached that mark, but many are against this belief. Apple is probably the first company to hit the mark of $700 Bn capital, and as of now the company holds a market of $736.6B.

It is without a doubt that no other company, at least in the technology sector, comes close to Apple’s capital. Current Apple market value is more than the GDP of many countries and Icahn, an activist investor, said Apple could have the shares going for $216 a piece, which can make the total capital of US $1.26 trillion. However, this growth can only be achieved if there is a hike of nearly 60 percent in the current value of the stocks.

Counting an enormous profit on the Apple iPhone 6 duo sales, the Cupertino giant blazingly surpassed the profit that was analyzed by the Wall Street experts. However, credit goes to the Tim Cook, who was able to maintain the stream of innovative products even after the Steve Jobs.

Apple Inc is still few years behind in reaching that massive capital of $1 trillion. Analysts believe that after 12 months Cupertino giant’s stock are probably going to be somewhere near $134 a unit, which is nearly the 6% of the current value.

However, there are possibilities that over the next couple of months the growth might slow down with a decline in the iPhone sales, however, with new products coming on the production line, the stocks might retain the pace.

Apple Inc can also face some serious competition from the Tesla Motors. Elon Musk lead company is expected to create a huge margin with the Cupertino giant by the end of 2025, analysts suggest.

Even though Apple is not lagging anywhere in sales, company is still in need of innovation for growth.


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