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Apple Inc has been reported to establish a secret research lab for the development of modern electric cars. The Cupertino giant has always been interested in the manufacturing electric vehicles, and this new rumor might be a tip for the upcoming driverless electric Apple Car.

Citing people familiar with this matter, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple electric car resembles that of a minivan, and probably the Cupertino is going to take few years before it hits the roads. Reports also suggest that Apple Inc might even close it under the shadow of unsuccessful attempts.

The ever growing space of IoT and connected technologies has driven the interest of almost every giant in the industry, including Google that previously funded Uber for its ride sharing service. Google was recently reported to launch its own taxi service with the driverless cars.

However, rumors about Apple developing electric vehicles solidifies when the several stories about the company recruiting automobile industry employees surfaces. Mercedes-Benz’s Silicon Valley research and development unit, Johann Jungwirth recently joined Apple, and as per the sources he was recruited for the new research team.

WSJ reported that for a new project called “Titan” Apple has deployed several employees a few miles away from the HQ based in Cupertino. The labs were established last year right after the company announced the launch of iPhone 6 duo and Watch.

Several automobile companies are teaming with the Apple Inc, however, none of them are ready to comment on the venture. Apparently, the iPhone maker is not joining hands for a new feature in iPhone but the Apple Car.

Apple Inc has already introduced a new integration called CarPlay allowing the iPhone users to use their smartphone on the car’s dashboard. It allows quick access to Maps, contacts, music, SIRI assistance and more right from the dashboard.

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