Apple Inc increases iOS binaries size to 4GB tecake

Apple has uplifted the bar restricting the size of applications in the App Store. The announcement comes as a blessing for the iOS developers and related companies, however, the customers now have another reason for not buying the 16GB iPhone or iPad. Increasing the size from 2GB to 4GB, the Cupertino giant now makes it easy for the developers to build the apps with high-quality media and graphics.

Bumping the size limit to 4GB, developers will be entertained with features that will enable richer and more optimized apps on the App Store. Since, the iPhones and iPads are getting their screen resolution increased to 1080p and more, great apps with lower graphics capabilities can’t be that good. Developers will be able to add more high-resolution images, HD videos and music for the user to have a rich experience.

However, these heavy apps can only be downloaded over a Wi-Fi network. Apple didn’t increase the limit for the users to download gigantic apps on the mobile data.

Apple has effectively raised the bar, however, none of the developers has taken the advantage of it yet. Users have to wait for a while before their favorite developers upload the apps with these gigantic sizes.

Apple in a blog post said that they are now accepting the larger binaries as a part of the new App Store policy. The company stated, “The size limit of an app package submitted through iTunes Connect has increased from 2 GB to 4 GB, so you can include more media in your submission and provide a more complete, rich user experience upon installation. Please keep in mind that this change does not affect the cellular network delivery size limit of 100 MB.”

Even though it will bring more advanced and graphic-rich applications, Apple has technically killed the 16GB variants of iPad and iPhones. 

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