Apple Inc faces class-action lawsuit over defective 2011 MacBook Pros

Apple Inc. has been hit with another lawsuit about faulty MacBook Pro model manufactured during the year 2011. Several customers have complained about the faulty graphic card in the MacBook Pro but the Cupertino giant failed to reimburse the payment or replace them with a new one. However, out of several, few has taken this issue to the court of law to seek justice. Until now the decision seems to be in the favour of the plaintiffs as Apple actually manufactured defected pieces during that period.

At the launch time, these models were being sold at price ranging from $1,119 to $2,499, which can be further expanded to add any additional feature or a powerful processor for that matter. The plaintiffs are seeking a class-action lawsuit, which will allow other affected consumers to get a refund for it.


According to the reports, the way graphics cards have been attached to the motherboard, the soldering cracks over the time due to the heat generated by the entire system. The lead free soldering — Apple says, is ineffective in bearing the heat and eventually damages the graphics cards that makes the laptop a $3000 paperweight.

“What’s unique about this case is that this problem was there from the onset,” said Gary Mason, a founding partner at Whitfield Bryson & Mason LLP

In some of the cases, Apple Inc has replaced the motherboard of those which have been out of warranty, but again they were no good in avoiding the situation.


There has been a petition and people are posting their concern in a Facebook group. The victims have pictures of misbehaving and damaged MacBook Pro there. There are lot of glitches on the device, and its nearly impossible for someone to take the control in hands and fix the issue. Apple Inc always refrain itself from making the devices that are least user upgradable and fixable.

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