Apple Inc electric car project Titan least expected to come out

Apple Inc electric car project Titan least expected to come out

Cupertino: Apple Inc has been rumored to build the an electric car under the name of a project dubbed as “Titan”. The secret project that is being carried out by the Cupertino giant will supposedly produce electric vehicles that are expected to hit the roads by the year 2020. However, Apple is already landing into numerous issues for what is still in the prototype phase.

It is without a doubt that the company has always been in the news for its interest in manufacturing electric cars, and for establishing a foot in the automobile sector. It was almost a year ago when company introduced CarPlay in partnership to several other auto giants, including Ford, BMW, Mercedes and more.

However, for manufacturing a car, Apple wasn’t ready with the propers resources until it recruited nearly 200 employees from companies that are well established in the automobile and other sectors such as battery manufacturing. Cupertino giant didn’t even left Tesla Motors’ employees from recruiting for this secret project.

While former General Motors CEO is saying that the company shouldn’t design an automobile, the A123 Systems, a battery manufacturer, is filing a lawsuit against the enterprise for poaching its employees back in the year 2014.

“It appears that Apple, with the assistance of defendant Ijaz, is systematically hiring away A123’s high tech PhD and engineering employees, thereby effectively shutting down various projects/programs at A123,” A123 says in the complaint.

Apple has placed its resources in a secret project lab located almost a mile away from the company’s headquarters in the Cupertino, California. The lab is supposed to built a car model, which we may or may not see in the near future. Apple history says there have been several exciting patents from the company, however, they never the saw broad day-light for the fact that the Apple execs rejected its design. There are possibilities that the entire project brought to halt for us to never to see it again.

However, Cupertino giant’s interest in it is quite strange because by selling the electric cars the company isn’t going to make the profit it secures by selling other products such as iPhone. Excluding the manufacturing cost, the margin in selling these cars isn’t going to be that big.

Apart from this, the debut of each Apple product carries an element that soon becomes a nuisance to its users, however, if this happens with the “Titan Car”, it will be a worse nightmare for the Apple Inc.

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