Apple Watch without health fetures tecake

Apple Inc is few months away from releasing the much awaited Watch announced last year at the iPhone launch event. Apple Inc. did promise  several features, however, according to a latest report from the WSJ, the Cupertino giant has sliced off a majority of characteristics that were previously announced in the Watch. Apparently, there will be not be any sensors to monitor heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels.

WSJ called the Apple Watch a black hole because the product was consuming the Cupertino giant’s resources for nearly four years. Apple engineers failed in realizing that sensors of this generation can’t be that accurate and depends on several factors including the amount of hairs on the body, sweat and how closely it has been tied to the wrist. The results obtained can’t be perfect, and so is the reason Apple Inc is stepping back from what it promised.

Not now, but in the future the company might launch a version with sensors that are highly accurate. However, for now the Watch is nothing more than an iPhone companion, but that doesn’t mean it can’t perform well. If we reports are to be believed, company has already ordered nearly 6 million units for the launch in the coming few months. A majority of these are only entry-level Apple Watch Sports, with the remaining editions taking rest of the share.

Apple is very well known for improving the products after their first debut. If we take a look back in the history, the very first iPhone didn’t even had 3G at the time of launch.

Apple Inc is also in talks to manufacture an electric car. The company has started hiring employees from the automobile industry to work on it in a secret lab established a few miles away from the Cupertino giant’s HQ. However, the possibility of the ‘Apple Car’ launching in the next couple of year doesn’t exist until next rumor or reports surfaces.

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