Is Apple FaceID is secure? Or they making it now: Report

The most prestigious company Apple is always banging on the technology which it brings to its customers whether it is MacBooks, Apple Watches or much-hyped iPhones. The company has launched a new feature on its phone which is FaceID but, is the feature secure enough? The question has arisen as this feature has been fooled twice.

This year Apple introduced two major phones which are iPhone 8 and 10th-anniversary model iPhone X. In the most anticipated phone, iPhone X, there is no home button as the company has replaced the Touch ID with Face ID. You just need to look at the phone to unlock it.

The Face ID feature works on the biometric facial recognition feature which has been provided by Vietnamese security company ‘Bkav.’ Some queries have been there that if the organisation has enabled the “Required Attention” feature on the phone or not. While the security corporation already tricked this feature by using a mask which just costs $200.

Also, a ten-year-old kid fooled the feature and unlocked his mother’s phone. The video also came on the Internet. So the Bkav also uploaded a video in which it used $200 3D face mask to fool the feature. Though, the video has not shown the enrollment process of Face ID.

In another video uploaded by Bkav, it can be shown that “Require Attention for Face ID” and “Attention Aware Features” has been enabled. The first feature is the addition of an extra layer of security, this feature doesn’t unlock the phone if you are closing eye or not looking straight to phone.

The video also presents the whole enrollment process of Face ID. Also, it shows that the mask passed the required attention feature twice and unlocked the phone. So, Face ID can be fooled with the mask.

About 2 weeks ago the company has suggested that important people like billionaires, business leaders and national leader should be very careful while using the Face ID. Still, after the research results, the corporation has increased the level of security for normal users. The organisation itself says that Face Id is not safe enough to use in business transactions, as stated in the blog post.

Meanwhile, there are few more videos which show how the FaceID works in low light or dark situations and how much Animoji can be fun with for an example ‘Animojo with Karaoke.’ The aim of the company is to convince the audience that ditching the Touch ID is a good decision of the tech giant.

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