Apple adds two-factor authentication for iMessages and FaceTime

Apple adds two-factor authentication for iMessages and FaceTime tecake

Apple Inc has toughened the iMessages and FaceTime security by adding a support for additional two-factor authentication. The latest moves come, as a result, to improve the overall safety of the communication methods used by Cupertino giant’s customers.

The service is already in action on every Apple device supporting FaceTime and iMessages, and every time sign-in on a new device is acknowledged, Apple servers will send a secret token required to log-in on the registered cellular device.

Reports suggest that the two-factor authentication code can be received on the phone through an SMS or via the Find My iPhone app on the devices. It has been said that hackers can easily go around the SMS authentication method by tricking the user over the phone, however, the Cupertino giant’s efforts in educating its customers can help that avoid that too.

Since hackers leaked the nudes photos of celebrities online, Apple has apparently toughened its system to alert the user about every iCloud activity. Whether it is about playing a sound or device erase request, Apple sends out every single notification to the user.

For now Apple is only providing 2FA on the iMessages and FaceTime, however, is soon expected to roll it on the other iCloud services.

However, Apple Inc for security reasons is delaying the process for three days. The system sends out an email to every attached email in the file for the users to know about the update. In case someone else is trying to set up two-factor authentication, users can be made aware of it.

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