New app cloaks user-location from third party services

Researchers in U.S university has developed an app that blocks a third party app from identifying your location whenever you search online.

Linke Guo, who have led this team said, “The trend of people using searches and social networks on smartphones which aren’t well-protected is going up. Sometimes people share too much information. This is a way to help provide some security,”. Guo is an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Binghamton University.

Guo further added, “With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others we provide a huge amount of data to the service providers every day. In particular, we upload personal photos, location information, and daily updates to the internet without any protection,”.

Guo also warned that tragedies can occur if the information is used for wrong purposes.

“When we release personal information to the internet, it is out of our control, and can be easily searched and used for malicious purposes. We are trying to provide a more efficient and feasible solution to make sure that kind of information is secure,” Guo said.

Usually, Mobile Phones send clusters of data to servers during local searches, GPS directions or check-ins for foodie apps. If the app developed by Guo and his team is developed further, it could help hide that information.

Recently, Guo’s team received the “best paper” award at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) GLOBECOM Conference in San Diego.

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