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If the App Store app on your iOS device is getting slower or not showing app updates correctly, a new trick can help, courtesy of Zachary Drayer.

Being the tech giant, Apple Inc. is offering marvelous gadget in the market with significant innovations from last few years. However, it seems like the Cupertino giant is neglecting the common issues with its devices such as performance and stability, which has even observed in the recently launched handsets.

One of the most reported problems by the users is lagging of its App Store. Several time the company has been reported that users are facing problems with the service in terms on browsing speeds and downloads. Despite that Apple should have been fixed the issue, a tech blog, AppAdvice has provided a small fix that could help the users. All you have to do is just tap ten times on any of the icon shown in the image below.

App Store Trick 1 - The TeCake

Author at the website states, “To refresh your App Store app’s cache, tap on any of the tab bar items 10 times. The choices are: Favorites, Top Charts, Explore, Search, or Updates.” Keep tapping on the same item only for ten times for the cache to clear. When it does, the app screen will go blank for a few seconds before resetting. The trick also works in the native Watch and iTunes apps.

After clearing the cache the display will go blank like the screenshot provided below:

App Store Trick 2 - The TeCake

I have tried the trick out for myself and I noticed that there was a slight speed bump in terms of the browsing speeds. However, I don’t take my word for it, try it out yourselves and let us know if you noticed any improvements in the comments below.

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